About Us

Keith Ainsworth Pty Ltd was formed in 1962 and incorporated in November. This makes us the oldest Australian owned and operated Library Supplier in Australia. Originally located in the leafy mountain village of Glenbrook where the company operated until the early 80’s when it then relocated to Penrith.

The company was run by its namesake, Keith Ainsworth, which followed the trend of companies being named after their family owners.

The company operated in a number of different markets other than Library Supply and were the original Australian suppliers for small publishers (at the time) but which, through acquisition, have become much bigger, like Canongate and general wholesalers which provided a service to regional bookshops in NSW.

Our first library customer was Lake Macquarie Library which was brought on board based on customer service. The library manager at the time asked Keith could he provide invoices and stock in a particular way that would meet the library processes. What got the business was the simple reply of “we can do whatever you want, you are the customer”. This is a philosophy which we have maintained not only because it looks good on paper but is a deeply held belief as a tenet of good business.

We remained NSW centric until, in the late 90’s, we decided to expand our library business and commenced supply to Queensland libraries, appointing a Queensland account manager based in the state. We continued to grow by remaining focused on good customer service, communication and good staff.

Thankfully over nearly 60 years in operation there have been more ups than downs. The company has been blessed with good staff which has provided the base for growth and now rejuvenation and we look forward to continuing to provide services to the library communities in NSW and QLD.

The baton has now been passed to another family group who will guide the company into the future, better placed, more technologically focused, while still holding the same principles that we have long held – “you are the customer”.