MDM Entertainment

MDM Entertainment has been working exclusively with Australian public libraries since our establishment in July 2008

Our company specialises in the supply of Music CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, Audiobooks and Console Games with or without complete shelf-ready servicing. Due to our growth over the years, the industry has labelled our company as the largest specialist supplier of physical audiovisual materials to Australian public libraries.

Customer focused

We deal in an industry where public library services are delivered by a variety of administrative arrangements, which can vary both between and within each State and Territory, ranging from services wholly delivered by the State/Territory through to services wholly delivered by Local Government. With this comes different levels of complexity with customers of all shapes and sizes. We have been able to demonstrate that no matter the size or complexity of the customer we have been able to provide a service that meets their requirements.

Having worked exclusively with Australian public libraries for over 13 years ensures our whole business model has been established to fulfil your individual requirements . Through our professional shelf-ready services, acquisition support, standing order plans, stock selection services and our public library focused website for customer driven selections and ad-hoc orders, MDM Entertainment is now recognised as the single source solution for physical audiovisual materials to the majority of public libraries in Australia.

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Our company’s head office and warehouse facility is based in Penrith, New South Wales. All of our cataloguing, processing and dispatch are currently run from this location. We also have a smaller state office in Redcliffe, Queensland, which is responsible for the sales and marketing of MDM Entertainment as well as liaising with publishers and handling the selections of goods.

As MDM Entertainment is now recognised as the largest specialist supplier of physical audiovisual materials to the Australian public library market, we have had to go over and above the usual product ranges offered by all other library suppliers to ensure we are able to provide a much broader range of titles including a large range of film titles which are exclusive to our company.

Exclusive physical audiobooks

We have also recently launched our range of physical audiobooks, which are offered exclusively through our company. Titles are available in both CD and MP3 formats. All our audiobook titles are of high quality and include award- winning content. We have thousands of bestselling audiobooks that range from motivational self-help to suspenseful mysteries. We are passionate about supplying library edition audiobooks at retail pricing ensuring you do not pay a premium to have these in your collection.

Extensive experience in hard to get titles

In addition to being able to source any open market titles and our own exclusive titles, we can also source many discontinued titles through relationships we have in place with retailers and remainder distributors, ensuring we have access to the broadest range of physical audiovisual materials.

As our company's whole focus is on the collection area of audiovisual materials, we would deliver the most professional level of shelf-ready and stock selection services with materials delivered in a more cost effective and timely manner. We have to be the best at what we do as audiovisual supply to public libraries is what we specialise in.

Dedicated to continued development

As our customer base is made of up State and Local Government departments we understand the importance of creating cost savings benefits and efficiencies to our customer base. Our ongoing investment into the Australian public library trade will ensure that over the future years we will continue to develop systems, processes, staff and product ranges that as a result will deliver a service that will stay relevant to a progressing landscape that is Public Libraries.

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